TYRONE OSCAR is a singer/songwriter born and raised in The Netherlands. 


It all started when he got his first keyboard and taught himself how to play some basic chords. That's when the first songs were written. When he was younger he used to listen to whatever his mother was playing. Back in the 90's she listened a lot to country artists like Shania Twain, Ilse DeLange and Dolly Parton, which made him fall in love with the genre. 


After improving himself on the keyboard, he needed more. He bought his first guitar, which eventually ended up as decoration in his living room. But not long afterwards, he took that guitar and taught himself some basic chord progressions. Ever since that moment he wrote many more songs, trying to create his own sound with some American influences. 


In 2018 he met his "musical soulmate" Loredana Gia in Germany. The mutual love and passion they shared for music, along with the same musical tastes, led to several writing sessions together. One of the songs they wrote was 'Better Man', which they released in October 2018. 

In 2019 he wrote and released the song 'Darling, Go', dedicated to his cousin who committed euthanasia. 

In 2020 he released the songs 'Before I Go' and 'Smile Again', both written during a dark period of his life.


Now he is ready for something new and is currently working on his very first EP. For this record, he wants to experiment with different sounds and a completely different vibe. He already calls this album 'motivational' for listeners, as he is a 'survivor' of depression himself and wants others suffering with this disease to keep on fighting and eventually pursue their dreams.